Today the issue of hosting is of growing interest among many users, everyone wants the best hosting for their web page. While there are numerous deals in the network, many of these are often misleading and many users are unaware of the issue and fall into these “traps“. Learn about hosting is fundamental to avoid becoming a victim of these scams.


How to choose the best hosting for you:

  • First, it is important to define what type of hosting is more suitable according to my needs. It is recalled that both Linux and Windows offer different platforms to host your web. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of programming language and database or your web. Linux servers usually have right for you stable and economic platforms.


  • A fundamental aspect to avoid misleading hosting has to do with the cost thereof. There are many misleading offers hosting that offer a service at very low cost. Offering a storage specifications for running applications and a limit range of processes that primarily looks tempting. But in actual implementation, they are of very low yield and end up being a dud at the time of execution.


  • It is important to choose the best hosting according to your requirement. Often due to ignorance of the topic, many users pay large amounts of money for hosting who manage platforms and spaces that are unnecessary for small projects. For that reason, it is important to consult the various offers of hosting offered by each company. The plans usually adapt to the demands of the user, from basic plans to different professional plans tailored to the needs and demands of the customer.


  • Always choose a hosting that has a reliable reputation, with contact numbers and good service support. A respected and reliable company must have a quality service support available 24 hours per day with phone numbers and immediate response service via e-mail.


Is free hosting reliable? 

One of the common mistakes of new users is to take the services of a free hosting. These hosting service often have many limitations of storage and performance and are only recommended for beginners who want to practice and learn and not for those who are determined to undertake a major and professional project. Stop wasting your time on a platform that offers few guarantees and support.

Uptime and response time

When purchasing a hosting is important to take into account parameters such as availability (uptime) and load time of the page. A good hosting must guarantee at least 99% availability of the page within the platform. Many companies offer misleading 100% availability offers. This parameter is usually false because every hosting needs some time to cool or do some maintenance to the platform. Meanwhile, the charging time will be another parameter to consider. The longer it takes the page to load, the greater the number of people who leave it, which will mean a drop in visits on your page. Therefore, it is recommended a charging time of no more than two seconds.

In conclusion, Learn about hosting is very important today for all those new users who want to start new projects and creating websites and blogs for business purposes. Therefore, these simple tips will be helpful to start with the right foot this new venture. Choosing a good hosting is the first essential step to ensure your projects and not waste time or money on platforms that look good but are nothing more than deceptive offers or scams that you should avoid . . . So go ahead and good luck with your project!