Nowadays, with the growth and development of the network, there are more and more people that decide to create web pages to undertake professional or small business projects in a hosting server. Because prices to buy a hosting server are relatively inexpensive, many people have left to side platforms like Blogger to undertake larger projects with own server platforms like WordPress. However, when choosing a server are many questions that users can have, such as which operating system is the most appropriate for their server. Therefore, we are going to discuss two of the most widely used operating systems: Windows and Linux. Which one is better?

Is Compatibility a problem?

When people learn about hosting many doubts arise. First, it is important to clear some doubts about the hosting server operating systems and its compatibility with the operating system of your personal device. Many users think that both the server and the local device must have the same operating system to function properly. From a simplistic view it sounds quite logical. However, this is not true at all. We must remember that systems such as Linux and Windows have the ability to operate simultaneously without any problems. Therefore, you should not worry about compatibility issues because your hosting can function properly regardless of it is working with a different operating system than your personal computer.

Linux vs Windows. The usual question

Now let’s focus on what really interests us, which of the two operating systems is the most convenient for our web hosting: Linux or Windows. To answer this question it is important to know some of the basic features of both.

For requirements and user preferences Linux stands out as the best operating system and server platform because it is considered the stronger , reliable, secure, and therefore usually the most popular choice because of their superior performance and stability . If the user´s intention is to work with web applications with languages ​​like PHP and MySQL database as WordPress or Prestashop undoubtedly the most viable option is the Linux operating system.

Meanwhile, Windows operating system is recommended for those who want to work with technologies such as MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access and whose web running ASP or ASP.NET code. In short, all those technologies that use a Windows platform for proper operation

Another important and determining factor that defines which operating system are the best suited to your hosting server is the price. Linux operating systems platforms often have more affordable and accessible prices to users with respect to those offered by Windows server. Which confirms and demonstrates why the Linux operating system is preferred by most hosting server users worldwide.


Static webs vs Dynamic webs. Which operating system do I need?

Another frequent user’s questions deal to know with which is the most appropriate operating system depending on the type of web, either static or dynamic. If you have a website with a static programming, for example, if your website is going to be programmed statically, composed of simple files with extension .htm or html, in which its content will not change along the time, you can opt for either of the two options of operating systems. In this case, not much matter which system is used because both are useful to those cases. On the other hand, if your web site is of dynamic type; created with PHP programming language whose content continually change, it is when it is important to know which operating system is the best to use, then you can follow the instructions and advice given in the previous paragraph. Learn about hosting involves many details and specifications, therefore, it is important to pay attention to these tips in order to choose the best option for you.