The importance of a good hosting for our website or personal blog deals with the service and positioning on the network that it can provide us. A quality page working with a good hosting platform is the key to achieving the expected results in terms of performance and positioning networks. Therefore, it is important to know what aspects define a good hosting server.

  • Speed

There are numerous cases in which we can have a well optimized website in terms of speed. However, if the hosting platform does not offer an appropriate speed, search engines like Google will take into account the sites that have a higher speed and your page remained in the background, which would bring as a result low flow of visitors and therefore little income. A good hosting is a key factor in promoting our website. Therefore we must focus our efforts on hiring a reputable and fast hosting in order to protect and promote our projects.

  • Technical support

Another factor to determine whether we have a good hosting or certainly not is the technical support. A good hosting service should have an appropriate and effective support service for any emergency or contingency. Many hosting companies do not offer a quality support to its customers, which results in unreliability in the service and numerous problems in the medium and short term. Therefore, a good hosting company must have a 24 hours technical support service available for its customers.

  • Stability

The major search engines always take into account the site stability in order to positioning a website. This means that if a site falls out very often, the search engines will index and therefore have low positioning in network. Therefore, it is important to hire a hosting service with a great stability and availability over the 95%.

  • Confidence

Web search engines often give priority to reputable and paid hosting. Search engines like Google tend not to pay much attention to the free hosting. Therefore it is advisable to hire hosting paid companies and not waste time with free hosting which do not guarantee a good performance and positioning in network.

  • Appearance

As with any service we are about to hire, appearance is always important. A hosting server website that seems made by amateurs cannot generate confidence. A quality website reflect the company´s professionalism and says a lot of the service they can provide.                                                                                             

  • Contact information

When hiring a hosting service it is important to realize that on the website of the provider you can find all the personal information of the company as the legal name, registration numbers, contact information and physical address.


Important Tips

Other important tips that you can consider if you are thinking of hiring a good hosting service have to do with your skill and research. Therefore, it is important to visit specialized forums on the subject to find the best options according to your requirements and learn from the experience of other hosting users. Remember that there are many misleading offers that with a good preliminary investigation you can discard them from your options.

Last but not least, we recommend you to purchase hosting services and domain separately. While many people recommend using the same company for the two services. It is advisable to purchase both services separately and find the best specializing option in each case. A good hosting company will specialized just in hosting services and therefore will be more trusted for its customers. On the other hand, if in the future we want to move our site to a more powerful server we will not have major problems to do it.