An online presence comes with lots benefits to a business or an individual. This has led to more and more people seeking to have a piece of the pie. Websites have become the in-thing with everyone wanting to share their stories. So many people wanting to own websites have resulted in an increase in demand for hosting space. This has led to mushrooming of cons that promise heaven but do not deliver.

It, therefore, becomes crucial for everyone to learn about hosting before they make a decision to purchase a hosting plan from any provider. Here are factors that you should consider. If you get this right, you will never go wrong when it comes to selecting hosting plans.

Uptime guarantee, trial period, and money back guarantee

These are some of the most important aspects to consider in choosing web host providers. You need to scrutinize them carefully to gain an insight into the quality of service offered. While most web hosts offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, you should be wise enough not to take their word for fact. Do your research to find out if this figure is accurate. Some places you can get this information include forums and review websites where people share their experiences with the provider. Alternatively, you could use website monitoring tools to monitor the percentage of uptime.

The trial period and money back guarantee that you get with a web hosting plan tell you a lot about how confident the provider is about their services. A longer trial period means that they are confident that you will not find loopholes in their service no matter how much time passes. Equally, a 100% money back guarantee speaks volumes about a web host’s confidence in what they do. You should be very suspicious of companies that offer less than a month of a trial period or conditions on their money back guarantees.

Security features in place

The internet is full of fraudsters and criminals, and you should constantly be on the lookout. A good web hosting plan has enough security features to keep your data and information safe. Features like server backups are a must-have for a server. If a host you are looking into lacks this feature, it would be a good idea to move on to another host.

You should, however, take note that security is not only the responsibility of the web host provider. It is also your responsibility. You should, therefore, make sure that you set up your security features to ensure your data is safe.

Server location

While this seems like a trivial detail, it matters a lot in website hosting. Imagine owning a website that targets readers in the US but hosts your website on servers in Russia. It would take longer for your pages to bounce around the internet before they are delivered to the requesting computer. If the server hosting your website was located in the US where your target audience is, it would take considerably shorter time for the content to be delivered to your reader.

You should, therefore, opt for companies that have data centers close to your audience. If you love services offered by a host that does not have servers near your targeted audience, then choose a web hosting plan that offers CDNs. These can go a long way in bridging the gap.


If you follow these simple tips, you’ll no longer need to learn about hosting. You will rest assured that your decision is appropriate. No one loves spending time and money creating something only to realize that the foundation was never strong enough. Save yourself from this agony. Learn how to do it right.