Web hosting is basically an internet service, which allows individuals or businesses to make their webpages accessible on the World Wide Web. In recent times, cloud hosting has gained immense popularity because a limitless number of machines can be interlinked to act as a single system. A web host is a company that provides server space for use by those who own websites. Here are tips that will guide you to learn about hosting: http://www.gospaces.com/domains

Types of Hosting

When looking for a good hosting plan, you might get overwhelmed by the available number of plans. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud web hosting are however the most popular hosting plans. Shared hosting is favored by most individuals because it is simple to understand. It is also affordable. It is however disadvantageous in the sense that it limits the number of websites that you can access. VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting. However, it has extra features. When using a VPS, a server is often partitioned into a less number of accounts. Each individual account has its own resources.

Dedicated hosting on the other hand involves renting an entire web server. This includes acquiring the server’s bandwidth, storage and resources. Dedicated hosting may be expensive but it accords a client flexibility, enhanced performance and personalization. Cloud hosting is a new technology. It basically involves uploading files or websites into the cloud. Such files can be clustered to servers all over the globe. Thereafter, the files can be accessed from any location by simply logging into the account. Managed hosting is preferred by webmasters who lack time or technical know-how about system and server administration.

Choosing an Appropriate Hosting Plan

With such as wide array of hosting plans, it may be quite difficult to choose one that will serve you efficiently. There are certain features that you need to consider for you to choose the most suitable web hosting plan. These include speed, bandwidth, storage, scalability, access and support.

  1. Speed

Your website can only be user-friendly if it loads at fast. Slow-loading webpages also have a low SEO ranking. There are certain factors that affect the loading speed of a website. Shared hosting plans tend to be slow because the entire system has heavy usage. To boost the speed of loading, most web hosting firms are now offering built in partnerships with Content Delivery Network services providers. This increases the speed of access by offloading images to faster servers.

  1. Bandwidth

This is a measure of data flow from a website to visitors within a specific period. Most shared hosting accounts provide unlimited bandwidth.  This service if offered with the assumption that your data usage will not be too high. Unlimited bandwidth works particularly well for individuals who run personal blog sites. If you intend to run a detailed website, with thousands of daily visitors, paying for a bandwidth may not work for you. Those who ultimately choose to use a bandwidth should however be wary of hosting plans, which charge penalties whenever clients exceed their allotted bandwidth amount.

  1. Storage

Just as it is the case with bandwidths, a number of hosting plans claim that they offer limitless storage capacity. This however comes with its own restrictions. Small business sites and personal blogs rarely have an issue with storage space since they have a lower number of visitors. You should consider the size and resolution of images that you intend to upload on your website before choosing a hosting plan that supports your choice.


The major problem encountered by individuals wishing to create websites is the inability to tell the specific needs of the sites in future. This highlights the importance of choosing a plan that is easy to upgrade. Access to your hosting account is also important because it gives you the ability to install further programs to your server. If you wish to store sensitive information, avoid using a cloud hosting account because it can be accessed easily.